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Why Take Private Shore Excursions?

Our Philosophy - We believe that your vacation experience should be personal and interactive. If you are visiting a port from a cruise ship, you have only a short time, so we want you to see the sites that interest you with a local who can unlock the secrets of their history and culture. Why sit on a bus filled with strangers and listen to annoying announcements? Stop being a tourist and become a local guest enjoying Travels with Friends.

You're smart - While the masses are taking tours with hundreds of other passengers, travelers in the know arrange private tours. Get the information you need and experience your destination like an insider.

You're in control - You choose the time of your tour. You decide which sights interest you the most. You decide when to stop to rest, shop, eat or explore in further detail, all at your own pace, with your guide always ready to give advice.

You're engaged - You can get closer to details and enjoy personal conversations geared directly to your interests.

You're inspired - Local guides love their cities and cultures and want to share that love with you.

You're a guest - That's our philosophy! You'll stop being a tourist and become a guest. It's like having a local friend to take you under their wing and show you what only the insiders know.

You're value conscious - If you are a small group, it's maybe a little more expensive than the cruise line's bus ride, but so much more worth it! If you have a large group, a private tour is always the best value.

You won't be fooled - With large tour groups you are stuck to their schedule, right down to the forced gift shop visit. Sometimes they pass up the most interesting details about a sight because it would be impossible for everyone in a large group to see it. And if you can't hear the guide, or you fall behind because the pace is too fast, you're just out of luck. On your own you walk around with your nose in a guidebook. None of this happens with a private tour!

You're satisfied - You get the experience of a lifetime because your private shore tour excursion is personalized just for you and like no one else's.