Why should we reserve a private tour? We started our business by personally leading private tours throughout Europe. Very quickly we realized that clients love private tours! That's why private tours are our only business. Our competitors try to offer both mass market public tours and private tours in every corner of the world. We remain committed to the European region and strictly Private Tours.

We know these tours are one of the most important parts of your vacation, so we take our commitment to you very seriously. We carefully select the best tour operators / guides in each city. And we stand behind the tours we offer. Please read these links for more information:

What is your cancellation policy? Tours are refundable up to 15 days before the date of the tour. Each tour refund is subject to a $30 USD administration fee. Please click here to read the full details.

Do you provide a refund if my ship cannot make it into port? We will honor a refund if your cruise line does not come into port due to severe weather, mechanical problems or political unrest. In these cases a full refund is honored less the $30 USD administrative fee. Please click here to read the full details.

Is there a chance that I'll miss my ship if I don't book a tour directly with the cruise line?
No. Our local tour operators are well aware of the time you need to be back at the pier. The tours are designed to get you back to the pier at least one hour before departure. We have never had a client miss their ship.

How do I reserve my private tours?
Choose the tours you want and add them to your shopping cart. Once you have selected all your tours, you complete the process by applying payment. it's just like any other on-line purchase.

Do you send me a confirmation or voucher?
When you purchase a tour you will receive an email to let you know that we have received your order. Each tour is 100% private so we need a couple days to finalize the details. Then you will receive another email with the confirmation. At that time you can print out the confirmation paperwork to bring with you. You can also check the status of your orders by visiting the "MY ACCOUNT" link at the top of each page on our web site.

When should I reserve my private tours?
Private tours are limited so we strongly recommend reserving well in advance. Private vehicles often sell out 2-3 weeks in advance. Some tours include VIP entrances (such as the Vatican Museums) to help you avoid the lines and these services often sell out several weeks in advance. For tours in St. Petersburg, we require four weeks to process your needed entry paperwork. Don’t delay, reserve today!

When is the latest that I can reserve my private tours?
If you need to confirm less than 7 days in advance,please visit our Contact Page for the fastest assistance. Please note that we have a last minute booking fee of $25 per tour if you reserve less than 7 days in advance. Typically we cannot confirm any tours with less than 3 days’ notice.

Can we pay with more than one credit card?
Yes, however you must contact us to arrange multiple card payments. There is a fee of $10 for each card used in multiple card payments.

Can I pay at the time of the tour?
Because the tours we arrange are Private Tours, we do require payment at the time of confirmation. However, tours are refundable up to 15 days in advance (minus $30 booking fee).

How can I call you?
Please visit our Contact Page and send us a request for a phone call. We work with clients around the globe and therefore set up phone appointments accordingly.

Will you give us a local phone number for the guide?
Yes. In case of any last minute changes or cancellations you will have a local telephone number based on the city you are visiting.

Are the vehicles air conditioned and non-smoking?

Do you provide tours for those with limited mobility?
Yes! At the top of each tour description is an explanation of the difficulty of mobility for that tour and whether or not a folding wheelchair can be brought. Most tours require minimal walking. Please understand that guides or drivers cannot assist with or push wheelchairs. It is imperative that you inform us at time of reservation if you are bringing a folding wheelchair. Failure to notify us in at the time of reservation about a folding wheelchair may result in a canceled tour with no refund.

What's the difference between a driver guide, a licensed guide and a tour leader?
Licensed Guide- A tour guide who has the utmost training, as required by their government, to offer tours. A licensed guide is fully trained to offer commentary on driving tours plus provide walking tours and tours inside historical sites and museums. A licensed guide must carry their license badge whenever they are offering their services.

Tour Leader or City Guide- Trained to provide commentary during the driving portions of your tour. A tour leader can join your group to navigate on foot but they are not licensed to provide commentary at historical sites or museums.

Driver Guide- A driver who is also trained about their region or city so that they can provide general commentary in English during the driving portions of your tour. A driver guide does not typically provide walking tours and cannot provide tours inside historical sites or museums.

Do you make museum reservations?
For tours which include museums, we make advance reservations if the museum offers this service.

Are children's prices available?
Private tours are based on the number of passengers in the vehicle. Due to local laws, we must provide a seat for each passenger, including infants. It is possible to get discount on some entrance fees, however you must contact us prior to making a purchase with specific tours and ages so we can advise if there are any available discounts.

Can I protect my tour purchase?
As with all travel, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Please speak with your travel agent about options that best suit your needs to cover your vacation investment.

Can we make changes to the itinerary?
Changes to confirmed tours must be requested in writing by email at least 72 hours in advance of the tour. We will do all it can to make the requested changes, however we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible.

Changes made less than 72 hours in advance must be made by calling the local tour operator. In the event that you request a last minute change to a tour which increases the price, payment must be settled directly with the local tour company, in their local currency. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, based on one or more members of your private group being unable to join the tour.

Once your tour has begun it may be possible for your driver / guide to make slight changes, assuming it fits within the time frame and general guidelines of the tour purchased. Please click here to read the full details.

Where do we meet our private guide or driver?
Your driver / guide will meet you at the location you’ve selected at time of booking and shown on your confirmation. Your guide will hold a sign which includes your name as shown on your confirmation. With your confirmation you are also given a local contact phone number in the unlikely event that you have trouble meeting your guide.

For tours starting at piers, you may be required to walk or take a shuttle past the secure areas where tour guides wait. For tours starting at hotels, your guide will meet you at the hotel entrance. For tours starting from airports, you must claim your luggage and then pass through customs before meeting your guide. Note that in some scenarios, driver guides cannot leave vehicles unattended and may be waiting curbside.