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Private Cagliari Shore Excursions

Cagliari is a thriving modern city and one of two jumping off points for exploring the island of Sardinia if you are visiting by cruise ship. A typical Cagliari tour of the port city will include a visit the the Castello which is the historical part of the city. It's located on top of a hill and offers stunning views. Also included in most Cagliari tours is a stop to see the famous bird sanctuary where thousands of pink flamingos live. Private Shore Trips offers Cagliari shore excursions which visit the port city but also options to explore Roman ruins and the famous nuraghe of Sardinia. Contact us today for information or assistance with a large group Cagliari private tour.

Cagliari Shore Excursion - Highlights of Cagliari Highlights of Cagliari

Cagliari Shore Excursion - 4 Hours

This private Cagliari tour allows you to see stunning views of Cagliari and includes visits to different parts of the city such as the medieval quarter, the Marina District and Poetta Beach.

Cagliari Shore Excursions - Cagliari and Nora Cagliari and Nora

Cagliari Shore Excursion - 6.5 Hours

This private Cagliari tour includes the highlights of Cagliari plus a visit to Nora, the oldest town on Sardinia. While the town was founded in the 8th century BC, it is well known for its Roman antiquities, which you visit during the tour.

Cagliari Shore Trip - Cagliari and the Barumini Nuraghe Cagliari & Barumini Nuraghe

Cagliari Shore Excursion - 7 Hours

This private Cagliari excursion includes the highlights of Cagliari tour plus a visit to the archaeological site of Su Nuraxi. This UNESCO World Heritage Site includes the most famous nuraghe in Sardinia, dating back to 1500 BC.

Cagliari Shore Trips - Best of Cagliari Best of Cagliari

Cagliari Shore Excursion - 6.5 Hours

This private Cagliari day trip explores the highlights of Cagliari but has added time for lunch and then a visit to the Roman archeological sites in Cagliari.

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Our private Cagliari tours include English speaking guides and private vehicles. We also provide custom private Cagliari trips for small and large groups. Don't wait to book your next Cagliari shore excursion. If you are not interested in a private Cagliari tour you could explore the port city on your own which is only about 15 minutes from the cruise pier. There are also some fine beaches near Cagliari.