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Bulgaria Shore Excursions

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe and the eastern border of Bulgaria is on the Black Sea. Private Shore Trips offers Bulgaria shore excursions from the Black Sea ports of Burgas, Nessebar (also known as Nessebur) and Varna. Over the last few years Bulgaria has shed its Communist era image and has started to transform itself into a country with both ocean and mountain resorts. Although the country is starting to modernize in many ways, the people are holding on to their strong connecttion of folk traditions including music, dance, customs and art. Many of the private Bulgaria trips we offer allow you to see the traditions.

Select Bulgaria Tours by Port

  • Burgas

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    Burgas Shore Excursions

    Burgas is the largest region in Bulgaria and the starting point for your Burgas excursion. Private Shore Trips meets you at the Burgas cruise terminal and our top Burgas tours include visits to the charming town of Nessebar. We have several different Burgas trips which go to Nessebar so you will need to review them to see which best fits your interests. Please contact us for availability or more information.otherwise scroll down to read the Burgas shore excursions we offer.
  • Nessebar

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    Nessebar Shore Excursions

    Private Shore Trips offers Nessebar shore excursions for cruise ship passengers. We encourage you to choose one of the Nessebar shore trips which visits the charming port town, but also includes a visit in the countryside to experience Bulgaria. Please contact us for availability or more information. Otherwise, scroll down to review the Nessebar tours we offer.
  • Varna

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    Varna Shore Excursions

    Private Shore Trips offers Varna shore excursions for cruise ship passengers visiting Bulgaria. Our Varna shore trips include tours of the port city which is known as the Bulgarian Summer capital. We also offer Varna tours to see the Aladzha Rocky Monastery. Please contact us for more information or scroll down to see chose a Varna shore excursion.

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Our Bulgaria shore trips include English speaking guides and private vehicles. We can also customize a Bulgaria shore excursion if you don't see what you want. Contact us today for information or assistance for a private Bulgaria tour with large group.