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Russian Folk Show Add On
St. Petersburg Cruise Tours - Russian Folk Show


This 3 / 3.5 Hour Option Includes:
  • Visa-Free Russian Entry Voucher
  • Private English Speaking Host
  • Round Trip Transportation in Private Vehicle
  • Folk Show with Snack and Glass of Champagne
Russian Tourist Visa - With this tour, our partners in Russia provide the needed Entry Voucher for a Visa-Free entry. You will NOT need to purchase a Russian Tourist Visa as you are covered with this blanket visa for your private party. Please see additional notes below tour description. Four weeks notice is required to obtain the Russian Tourist Visa.

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Group Size (Prices in USD)*:
2 People - $172 Per Person (Private Tour)
3 People - $146 Per Person (Private Tour)
4 People - $124 Per Person (Private Tour)
5 People - $110 Per Person (Private Tour)
6 People - $106 Per Person (Private Tour)
7 People - $100 Per Person (Private Tour)
8 People - $95 Per Person (Private Tour)
9 People - $92 Per Person (Private Tour)
10 People - $89 Per Person (Private Tour)
11 People - $86 Per Person (Private Tour)
12 People - $83 Per Person (Private Tour)

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St. Petersburg Shore Excursion

This evening folk show performance at the Nikolayevsky Palace and Art-Center is available as an add on to your St Petersburg shore trip. In addition to the show, you enjoy a traditional Russian snack and glass of champagne.

Would you like to find yourself in the very center of a Russian folk festivity? Would you like to get carried away by a colorful foot stamping performance? Why not feel Russian at least for a little while? If you have no hesitation in your mind, then accept a warm welcome at the Nikolayevsky Art-Center to see the enchanting festival of Russian spirit.

The Nicholas Palace was constructed from 1853 until 1861, by the famous architect Andrey Stakenshneider, for Emperor Nicholas I son Grand Duke Nicholas. The classic-styled residence was set at the Annunciation Square in the prestigious and costly district of St .Petersburg, not far from the Admiralty and Palace Square. After the Grand Duke's death in 1891 the Palace was given over to the Women' Institute named after Grand Duchess Xenia, sister of Nicholas II. The Revolution of 1917 made the Palace the property of common people and their representatives (local trade unions). In accordance with the communistic traditions it was renamed the Palace of Labor.

Today the walls of the carefully restored Palace preserve the memory of more than one hundred years history. Its lavishly decorated halls have witnessed the daily life of the Grand Duke's family as well as the meetings and celebrations of the Soviet authorities. The Palace houses the Nikolayevsky Art-Center which represents the unique Russian culture to guests and residents of St. Petersburg. In addition to a delightful folk show you also enjoy an included traditional Russian snack and glass of champagne during the intermission.

Mobility: NO wheelchairs

Russia Visa-Free Entry Voucher Information

With these private St Petersburg shore excursions, our partners in Russia provide everything you need to satisfy Russia's entry requirements. You will NOT need to purchase a separate Russian Tourist Visa.

Russian law requires that cruise passengers taking Private Shore Trips have the following documentation:
1) A valid passport
2) A photocopy of your passport
3) Proof that you have purchased an escorted tour arranged by a government licensed agency authorized to receive foreign cruise passengers inside the St. Petersburg port area. Our partners in Russia provide a Visa-Free Entry Voucher as proof of your tour.

To process your Visa-Free Entry Voucher we will need the following information for each person in your private party at the time of your reservation.

-Full name as listed in the passport

-Passport Number
-Passport Expiration Date
-Date of Birth

Special Note- Your cruise line may tell you that you must purchase an expensive Russian tourist visa to get off the ship if you are not taking their big bus tour. This is not true. The visa they refer to is only for passengers who plan to go ashore unaccompanied by an authorized guide. With the Visa-Free Entry Voucher our partners in Russia provide, you are required to depart and return to the port with the tour we have organized for you. You do not have the option to stay in St. Petersburg and return to the ship on your own. Visa-Free Entry Vouchers are sometimes called a "blanket visa".

Four Week Notice- To obtain the needed Russian Tourist Visas we can only accept reservations with a minimum of four weeks notice.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, our St. Petersburg tours and St. Petersburg shore excursions can also be customized to fit your needs. If you have a larger group, we can offer you a private St. Petersburg shore trip using a mid-size bus or full size coach. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a customized quote.
Shore Trip Timing is approximate based on your interests & traffic
  • Tour Add On- This option is available as an add on to one of your day tours. Your scheduled day tour must end at 5:30 PM. You would then return to the pier between 8:30 and 9:00 PM.