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Third Reich Walking Tour of Munich
Third Reich Walking Tour of Munich


This 4 Hour Private Tour Includes:
  • Meet at your hotel or agreed location in central Munich
  • Private English Speaking Guide
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Private Munich Tour

The focus of this half day Munich walking tour is learning about and seeing sights related to Munich's past as the Capital of the Nazi Movement. You will see beer halls, streets and locations where many historic events took place sitting along side memorials to the victims of this hateful ideology.

This fascinating Munich tour is just as much a history lesson as it is a walking tour. Munich was the city that the General Eisenhower called 'the cradle of the Nazi beast', being both the birthplace and the home location of the Nazi Party.

Ironically while much of central Munich was devastated by Allied bombings, many Nazi buildings survived and still stand today and you will see them during this tour. The Feldherrnhalle is a logia where Hitler often gave speeches and propaganda parades took place. This was also the site of the 1923 failed Putsch (coup).

You will see the beer halls which hosted the first small gatherings of the fanatics who would one day lead the Third Reich, and the place where Hitler made his first major speeches. The voice of Adolf Hitler resounded around the public squares and streets of Munich before being heard anywhere else in Germany. You will walk through those very streets where Hitler and his brown shirts fought their way to power.

This tour is certain to open your eyes to hidden history as Munich was the nursery of a movement that would shake humanity and cause some of the most infamous and horrible events in history, leading up to and including the Holocaust
Standing along side these historic sites you will see memorials to the city's many victims of Nazism, including those who sacrificed their lives in opposing its hateful ideology.

Mobility: Folding wheelchair OK, some sites may be inaccessible (advance notice required)

If you cannot find what you are looking for, our Munich tours can also be customized to fit your needs. If you have a larger group, we can offer you a private Munich tour using a mid-size bus or full size coach. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a customized quote.