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Varna Shore Excursions

Private Shore Trips offers Varna shore excursions for cruise ship passengers visiting Bulgaria. Our Varna shore trips include tours of the port city which is known as the Bulgarian Summer capital. We also offer Varna tours to see the Aladzha Rocky Monastery. Please contact us for more information or scroll down to see chose a Varna shore excursion.

Varna Cruise tour - Highlights of Varna
Highlights of Varna

Varna Shore Excursion - 4 Hours

This private shore trip visits the charming Bulgarian Summer Capital (Varna) to explore its main sites including the Roman Baths, the Archeological museum and the Orthodox Cathedral. You will see how ancient, medieval and modern coexist and understand how Varna was chosen as the best place to live in Bulgaria in both 2007 and 2008.
Varna Shore Excursions - Spiritual Sites of Varna
Spiritual Sites of Varna

Varna Shore Excursion - 4.5 Hours

This private shore trip explores some of Varna's most important religious sites including the Aladzha Rocky Monastery and the Orthodox Cathedral of Varna. You also enjoy a walking tour in Varna and some free time.

Varna Shore Trip - Aladzha Monastery, Balchik Palace and Varna
Aladzha Monastery, Balchik Palace and Varna

Varna Shore Excursion - 7 Hours

This private shore excursion offers you the chance to see the most possible in a day. Included are the Aladzha Rocky Monastery, the Balchik Quiet Nest Palace and one of Varna's famous Orthodox churches.

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