Private Shore Trips: Private Port Excursions Throughout the World

Private Shore Trips is your premier private port excursion company. Our extensive network of private European tour companies and guides spans Europe, including dozens of Mediterranean and Baltic Sea ports, as well as ports in Asia and the Persian Gulf. We pride ourselves on exclusively offering private tours so that you can get an intimate look at the port city you're visiting and have an experience you won't soon forget.

Our tours are popular with travelers that are enjoying cruises but are looking for a unique experience that a cruise line can't offer. We will work with you to determine which of our European cruise tours is the best option for you, and our guides will give you an eye-opening perspective on the sights of the city. Browse our website and explore the many options we have regardless of which port you are spending the day in. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our tours. We are happy to assist you in determining the best tour for you!